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valentine's day. >> feels like it. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we're going to bring you up to date on all the overnight developments from the mid east and our top story. >>> then we will preview the annual retail rush taking place this week. how stores are preparing for the black friday bargain hunters. and find out if it's really worth your while to stand in line for the deals. we made a prediction how many of the stories on friday will actually be pertaining to black friday. 80%? take over/under. >> it is thanksgiving week, the media does nothing but black friday stories. and all those people stampeding each other at the best buy. >>> also this morning, what agony. a man in maine has had the hiccups for two weeks, and he's running out of remedies as well as out of patience. turns out he is not the only one rushed to the hospital looking for that hiccup cure. >> hiccup hangover, right. >>> later, last night's amas, american music awards, who's taking home big honors, captured attention on stage and red carpet. we'll take you live to los angeles com
morning, rob and paula. well, election day may not be until tomorrow, but 27 million americans have already cast their votes. a sign how close the obama campaign believes this could be, the president appeared in new hampshire which only has four electoral votes. >> we're no longer relevant now. we're props because what's happened is now, the campaign falls on these 25-year-old kids who are out there knocking on doors making phone calls. >> reporter: there he was joined by bill clinton who mocked mitt romney's pitch. >> don't pay too much attention to what our solutions are. just be disappointed. look at me, i look like a president and i talk like one. and i'm telling you it's going to all be all right if you let me. >> reporter: with one day to go until the election, the candidates crisscross the battleground states. governor romney, 14 stops in seven states. president obama, 14 stops in eight states. both claim victory is within reach. >> he's hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle. we build. we aspire. we dream. we can do better. >> reporter: romney is even making a play for
overnight. let's check in with the meteorologist on the latest and when the next storm is coming in, rob. >> right now. just saw on the radar. the rain is starting to reach the north bay. where we have seen the most impressive rainfall totals in the last 24 hours. santa rosa. an inch nach of rain so far. see san francisco, 1/2 inch in the last 24 hours. more impressive. santa cruz mountains. three inches of rain. east bay hills. close to 1/2 inch of rain. if you can see on the radar. see the next band, already reaching the sonoma county coastline. approaching into santa rosa. light to moderate rain. see the. that's where the rain line is. partly cloudy skies in san francisco. so, hour by hour, your evening forecast. that's where the rain line is at 6:00. watch what happens. get towards 7:00, 8:00. san jose state, the big game. 7:00 tonight. rain moving into the south bay. and the satellite view still shows a very stormy looking pattern as the system comes in. weather systems lining up on the west coast. we will let you know what we can expect for the weekend forecast coming of in the ful
, these new toys that we have. >> wow. all right, i'd like to introduce the members of our panel today, rob is here, rob, could you come on up, rob neighbor, please join us. thank you so much for being here. (applause). >> assembly tom ammiano is here. (applause). >> and our state school chief tom torlichman is here and he is making his way to the podium. thank you all for being here. rob, i want to start with you. you are a los gatos man. how old was jill when this started happening. >> it started happening when jill was about 14, it started in december, she turned 15 in february and then less than a month later, she passed. >> i can't even imagine what that was like for you all. you have another daughter so you just couldn't fold so how did you deal with all that? >> that's one of the greatest challenges. you know, the devastation that jill went through, the pain, doesn't stop. families will testify it continues. it hits the community and now we have to continue to pull ourselves up and help our other daughter and the challenges of raising and parenting another child. you know, we c
, this is "america this morning" with rob nelson and paula faris. >>> good wednesday morning, everybody. four years ago barack obama stood on the brink of history the morning after his election. now four years later he stands on the brink of a second term. >> the president has won re-election after a hard-fought campaign, saying he returned to the white house more determined and decisive than ever. >> and he claimed a decisive and sweeping victory over challenger mitt romney although the popular vote is a lot tighter. >> but in the end, almost all of the key battleground states, including ohio and virginia, they went the president's way and that put him over the top. we have two reports to begin our coverage. >> tahman bradley is in boston but first abc's t.j. winick is with the obama team in chicago. i assume the party may still be going on. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: rob and paula, a good morning to you. that's right. it was actually a narrow win gave president obama a decisive victory despite an unemployment rate that posed a serious threat to his 2012 campaign. president barack obama won a
look like it is today, which is why i hate this time of year. >> uncle rob doesn't want to go sledding with the children? >> uncle rob wants to be on the couch with a hot toddy. >> i can see that. >>> those who have carolina panthers quarterback cam newton in their fantasy football league should be quite happy this morning. cam simply went off last night on "monday night football" throwing a pair of first half touchdowns against the eagles. >> he wasn't done there. he punched in two tds from short yardage in the second half of the game. that was all the panthers needed. they win this one, 30-22. but it is not all glory here. both teams now stand at 3 and 8 for the year. so playoff chances a little slim. i think after what, 13, 14 years, eagles' head coach, this could be the swan song for andy re reid. could be out of there. certainly a rough season in the city of brotherly love this year the end of an era possibly for eagles football. my second favorite team. >> saints and eagles have eight wins this year. how many losses. won't do that. >> you are right. >> seven straight los
your left, rob dudgeon, he's with the department of emergency management and he's the director of emergency services. rob's organization has been instrumental in creating the program that we have from back in 2010 all the way through to today and i know in the future we're already talking about putting together a hot wash of everything we've learned through 2012's fleet week. so rob is going to talk about the van, turkey mission. from turkey we have rear admiral guereva he has more than 14 years sea-going experience serving across various frigates. he assumed command of the suband joint command, chilean joint chief. he has been promoted to the rank of rear admiral. nita demato, serving as a major, she actually has a dual career. as a reservist she's also a professional educator and she's currently serving as a congressional fellow in the office of bob casy of pennsylvania focusing on the appropriations in budget for veterans and rebalancing services for future engagements but really what we're going to hear from her is an amazing story about the marine corps's activities in
would like you to be a policeman when we are robbed, raped, terrorized by unfortunately a city agency which is supposed to be working for all of us. there is no other way of dealing with that except for the board of appeals. we have no other way to go. if i have four years to go and if you deny my appeal? what do i do? get $10,000, go to the court and talk to the judge that has no idea of detail and regulations. and he's got to learn prop a, how does it work? you are the people that should have the right and obligation to stand there in case we are hurt. and we are hurt. and public is hurt. i hope you will stand there an impartial policemen and deal with those merits. thank you very much. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon, i am christopher, i am a cabdriver of 21 years experience, i have my medallion. i decided spontaneously to mention something in advance of what i am prepared it say. i am classical composer and i am writing on a trial. i spent a lot of time reading about the natural law and theory. and my appeal is not to let this run according to details. and theorys and nu
after hitting those record highs, remember? meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with a look what's going on. >> we were talking about this last weekend. we'd seen this extreme pattern shift for the bay area going from record highs, temperatures in the 80s. you can see the jet stream looking like this earlier in the week and switching into the con figuration we see now. you felt it outside today. these temperatures we're seeing right now, close to today's high temperatures if you want to call it that. as the skies remain clear overnight and the dry air settles in, we have frost advisories mainly across the north bay valleys. we'll see low 30s. mid 30s around fairfield into concord. out by the tri-valley, you'll see some mid 30s and low to mid 30s from morgan hill towards gilroy. it's a reminder as we get into this time of year as the frost advisories up through 8:00 tomorrow morning to bring in your pets. protect the temperature sensitive plants and the jute door pipes through 8:00 tomorrow morning. our weather pattern does include more opportunities for rain. we're going to let you know
in with rob. >> we are watching the rain. flig ma flying mainly to the north of the golden gate bridge. north bay. marin. along highway 101. seeing the rain there. back out to the coast. out towards bodega bay. and moderate rain coming in. not quite down to the golden gate or downtown san francisco. within the next hour. we'll see the cyst,000 tell moving on. fairly fast moving. until it gets to the south bay. hour by hour. 6:00 right now. sure enough. rain in north bay. by 7:00. starting to spill into san francisco. and oakland. later or in the evening. heading into san jose. for san jose, state spartans game. byu. increasing rain as the game goes on. and you can see the rain leaving the south way. >> thank you, rob. high wind, waves, caused problem for a surfer at ocean beach this morning. a call went out for help. two surfers, wiped out near the cliff house. one didn't make it back to shore. and the coast guard responded. they found a surfer, clinging to rock nearby. the surf was, 5, 6 foot. the surfer did jump off the rock. swam to the coast guard boat. he wasn't in serious distress. othe
weekend since he and jonathan willbanks robbed four businesses, shot and killed a man and got in a shootout with police. the accomplice was arrested november 16, the night of the incident. >> i still can't believe it. >> reporter: news of the arrest came as loved ones gathered for a memorial in campbell. the 22-year-old was shot during the suspect's attempted carjacking in the parking lot of a 7/eleven. >> he wasted his life, his brother's life and the life of his partner. there was no reason to, you know, commit this crime. there was no reason to pull the trigger and kill my brother. >> i hope he gets tried as an adult. >> reporter: whether that will happen is up to the district attorney, but family and friends say they will continue to push for justice as they struggle to come to terms with the incredible loss. >> he was a happy guy, people person. >> the plane flight back from hawaii to bury my little brother was the longest plane ride of my life. it was terrible. >> reporter: the adult suspect in this case, jonathan willbanks is expected to be back in court to enter a plea
. and for details on their visit, we're joined by abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: good morning, rob. well, yes. we were expecting some kind of cease-fire deal to be announced. some kind of cease-fire plan to be announced late last night. but that did not happen. it did not come. and according to some hamas and egyptian officials, who have reportedly said that it was down to israel, who had requested more time. and they said that more talks would resume today. now, as you rightly said, the u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton, she is in the region. she was meeting with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, late last night. and standing shoulder-to-shoulder, she reiterated the u.s.'s unwavering support for israel to protect its citizens, for the citizens here to live in peace, and for hamas to stop firing their rockets into the southern israeli cities. this is what she had to say. >> the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> reporter: well, as we enter day eight of this
might thing including rob. we'rhi, i'm jon secada.ew of did you ow that chronic hepatitis c affects approximimately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 years my father never said how sick he was g getting. he stayed silent, never talked over the optitios with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be vivisitg him at home, instead of here. if you still think there strength in silence, talk to your doctor about your options and learn re at tune in to hep c dot com. ♪ you better watch out >> ufos, loch ness mon steshstm monster under your bed. the grandaddy of them all, big foot. skeptics including both of us here say it doesn't exist. >> the mythical sasquatch eluded people for decade. the footprint brings them closer to proving everybody wrong. here is abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: a rag tag team of globetrotting researchers as serious about big foot as the pope is about religion. big foot, sasquatch, yeti, it is often a punchline. people are incredibly skeptical. >> you get punched if you say that stuff around me. >> reporter: like we said,
are pretty much toast. let rob save the best part. >> saints win. saints win. at this point, every win is at least, is -- a moral victory. >> all three of them. way to go. >> whatever. long way off to the playoffs. don't count them out yet. coming up next, we'll turn our attention to clean-up along the east coast. some how are making progress and worried it could all be wiped away. it is all coming up on "world news now". >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lifestyle lift. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. it's so great to see you. you, too! oh, cloudy glasses. you didn't have to come over! actually, honey, i think i did... oh? you did? whoa, ladies, easy. hi. cascade kitchen counselor. we can help avoid this with cascade complete pacs. over time, the other premium pac can leave cloudy, hard water deposits, but cascade complete pacs help leave glasses sparkling. shiny! too bad it doesn't work on windows. okay, i'm outta here. more dishwasher brands in north ame
now." >>> good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. in a moment, an ominous new forecast for some of the most desperate people in the hurricane zone. very cold weather and a nor'easter, are now on the way. that is not what folks want to hear if you are in a vulnerable beach or waterfront community now and the waves kick up again come wednesday. going to be kind of tough. a tough weather week for those folks. >>> also ahead it is election eve right now. have a look at how the candidates are making the most of their final hours on the campaign trail. the country is ready to vote. and those two guys have to be exhausted and ready for this thing to end either way. >>> uh-huh. then it is train versus truck. it is all caught onmazing end t the man in the right place at the right time when it happened. >>> later the new york city marathoners who went the extra mile for storm victims after their own hopes were dashed. you know what i mean -- i know a big controversy whether to have the marathon or not. it is good a greater good came out of it that maybe storm victims
-atlantic coast. some coastal flooding especially at high tide. england snow. strong gusty winds. rob and paula, back to you. >> definitely not what a lot of folks out here want to hear. >>> adding insult to injury, more steps forward in the recovery from sandy. world trade center memorial site reopened. damage from the storm taken care of. >> the federal government is making millions available to those who lost their homes. and usda sending food to the hard hit region. >>> and we're wrapping up our day of giving and disney and the results have been widely successful. with the help of the viewers, we've raised more than $12 million for sandy relief. >> great. $3 million match from samsung. of course, all the money going to the reds who who's done so much to help out. thank you to everyone that took time. we have . >>> coming up, we have much more coverage of this very important day in america. >> next up, the tables turn. more reports of voter intimidation at the polls. this time targeting republicans. you are watching "world news now." ♪ rock my soul ♪ new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-ho
. >> best selling author david cay johnston on the many ways corporations try to rob you blind tonight at 10 each on "after words." and tomorrow watch for live coverage of tom wolfe from opening night at miami book fair international this weekend on c-span2's booktv. >>> you're watching booktv. and now rachel cox recounts a decision by five men, including her uncle, rob cox, to leave their ivy league schools and join the british army in the spring of 1941. six months prior to pearl harbor and america's involvement in world war ii. this is about an hour. [applause] >> thank you. thank you, shep. thank you for that kind introduction. thank you for introducing me to bill lewis who's made the northshire bookstore, as far as i can tell, the end center of sales of "into dust and fire" in the entire united states. [laughter] thank you to c-span booktv for making me feel like oprah winfrey f only for an hour. and it's wonderful to be here. isn't this everything that a bookstore should be? many really, i'm thrilled to be at the northshire. i'm also happy to be in vermont because i have longstanding f
of technology people are going to be shopping more and more with smart phones, tablets. >> look at rob ordering my gift already. the best time to shop, monday, tuesday, wednesday, after thanksgiving. according to shopper track. i actually need those. >> a year's supply of breath mints. >> thank you. [ scratching ] you're not using too much are you, hon? ♪ nope. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. don't worry, there's plenty left for you dad. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? >> the picture again, sorry. i love our second story coming up. before we get to that. this considering the news of the week is a very timely story. listen to this. from the l.a. times. a study published tuesday in the journal of neuroscience has uncovered a surprising new property of oxytocin. finding, men in monogamous relationships got a sniff of this stuff they subsequently put a littl
. >> and i'm rob nelson. we begin this friday with some powerful images, all from sandy's aftermath. first up, people waiting hours for gasoline. long lines. this one, in long island, new york. efforts to resupply the region are now taking top priority. >> in new jersey, a brand-new opening in the barrier island on which sits the devastated community of seaside heights, testimony to the storm's power. >> and a woman surveying what is left of her new jersey home. the wreckage there, like a bomb went off. >>> amid all the devastation, there are incremental steps towards normalcy being made. limited amtrak service resumes today along the heavily-traveled northeast corridor. >> crews here in manhattan are working to make good on a promise to restore power, all power, by tomorrow. on top of that, three navy ships, loaded with supplies, arrived here in new york later today. all of this adds up, of course, to a difficult situation. as abc's tahman bradley now shows us. >> reporter: sandy may be gone. but frustration in parts of new york is growing. >> we're going to die. we're going to freeze. we ha
i'm going to turn the panel over to rob dudun to introduce our panel members. >> good morning, i feel a little bit like the opening act at a show here. so we're going to see where this goes. i have a really, really good panel for this one. because i get to talk about what we've done. and i get to have these guys up here, i'm going to hand off to my no. 2, vijon karemi, and we're going to have a discussion. my job is to tell you how we got here. that's what i'm going to try to do. some of you know the history, some of you are new to the process, but that started about the idea that general myat and the mayor talked about. let's make this more than an air show. in 2010 we did this senior leader seminar and the first thing we did was let's talk about how we relate formally. that was, i like to call that the wire diagram year because we all sat up here and we had local, state, federal and military and we walked through how each of us relates, what are the limitations, what are the laws, what are the rules of engagement, how do we actually work together? and that sets the stage
, rob. the panelists we have represent a broad group of participants, some of them participated themselves and some of them had individuals in their organizations participate. and i want them to start with an introduction of who they are, a little bit about their own background, so you understand the lens they were looking through when they were providing some of their answers today. starting with our 3 panelists that were part of our command and control exercise then we'll hear from our 3 panelists that were in our communications drill. >> lieutenant commander mike kress, operations officer at naval beach group 1, i was a coach during the exercise. we supported the exercise with 3 subject matter experts from amphibious construction battalion 1, their expertise is in route clearance, they actually played in the exercise and i was the coach for the exercise. >> good morning, i'm colonel alley, marine operations officer for the marine expedition briged. i was responsible for the planning and (inaudible). >> good morning, my name is (inaudible), superintendent pe department of p
speaker, please. >> good evening, i am a taxi driver, and i have been robbed many times and a gun at my head. and i come to the city and thank you for letting me talk. which is i also help the senior and i work night time and i help the drunk guys. i take them home. and the senior number one i take care of them. and i wonder who deserves to have a medallion and who is supposed to have a medallion. i know you are fair about everything. and you look at the guard number 1 for any issue. the guard and many -- gun and your judgment. thank you. >> good afternoon, i am bill, i have been driving a taxicab for 22 years, i have been on the waiting list for 17 years. now the commission is trying to take my right to a medallion away from me. which i call blatant racism. because i believe most people in the taxi industry are immigrants. and they don't care about immigrants. they only care about themselves. it seems to me this city is becoming more and more republican everyday. and these people are taking advantage of that. anyway. the bottom line is they used to think of a privilege to drive a cab i
. the second night in a row a frost advisory is in affect for the bay area. we want to check in with rob mie y mayeda. >> fairfield mid-30s on the way to low 30s tonight. san francisco clear skies and 49. 42 livermor. other locations, san ramon down to 38. dublin 39 and san jose 44 degrees. we have a case of canadian air conditioning tonight. dry air, clear skies. low 30s and a patchy frost advisory. in the east bay valley. perform patchy frost through 8:00 in the morning and if you haven't done so, bring in the pets from outside and protect the temperature sensitive plants and pipes as we will see temperatures in the low 30s. we will talk about the chances of rain coming back to the seven-day forecast in a few minutes from now. >> all right. thank you, rob. >>> nbc bay area's monty francis is in livermor. one of the colder spots and a new outlet mall opened a couple of days ago and there are people still shopping out there tonight. >> the cold weather is not keeping people from shopping. there are still people here at this late hour. the outlet mall closes at midnight. so an hour or so left t
to becoming a reality but tonight there is new criticism. ktvu's rob roth joins us with c project. rob? >> reporter: in this court document, a top manager for the high-speed rail project raises concerns about meeting a major construction deadline. some worry missing the deadline could cost billions of dollars. >> the deadline for completing the first raise of the high- speed rail project is march of 2017. but a deglers filed called -- declaration filed called it extremely -- faster in terms of dollars per day than the bay bridge project. miss the deadline and california tack payers may have to pay back $2.3 billion if the project is not completed on time. >> all the money could be demanded back. >> spokesman says the only requirement is to spend the money by 2017, which it intends to do. but delays could stop the flow of federal money. >> the state may be wasting $3 million state money, but $6 billion state and federal money. >> hear is set for tomorrow to stop the project till a lawsuit is decided next year. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an update on breaking news in hayward. se
for the plans. coming up in the few minutes. >> thank you, rob. not just another storm, people that live in a daly city neighborhood. hey, monte. >> coming by. and the stability of the hillside. they say they are ready to respond, if any more of the soil gives away. wa water crews are digging a ditch. bales of hay and mud on the ground. and any more than it already has. so much mud last tuesday. his son's car was totaled. he still has the doubts about the long term stability of the hillside. >> last fuse day. water main break. 98,000,000 gallons of water in the streets. part of the ground gave way. evacuated during the ordeal. just a matter of days ago. understandable why many residents. more wet weather on the way. >>> hi wind, waves, caused problem for a surfer at ocean beach the a call of want out for help, after a pair of surfers wiped out near the cliff house. one went missing. fire department and coast guard responded. eventually they found the surfer clinging to rock nearby. >> surf was 5, 6 foot. the surfer jumped off and swam. he wasn't in serious distress. other than losing his
arrived. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. meteorologist rob mayeda has more. >>> it is being felt in the south bay and san jose. you can see the main rain band pushing into morgan hill. and let's show you the santa clara valley. moderate rain, palo alto, coming down pretty hard right now. over towards pleasantton and livermore, and around oakland, just misty skies here. you can see in the future cast, most of the action is in the south bay, we'll transition from outright rain, scattered showers, heading into tomorrow morning. so plenty of rain right now, sunday's forecast, we'll see more changes. we'll show you what it means for the forecast coming up. >>> all right, thank you, the latest rainstorm is a concern for people who live in the daly city neighborhood where the water main break caused a huge mud slide this week. some homeowners are concerned about the possibility of another big mess. >> reporter: a clear storm drain is just what this worker from daily city's water and waste water resources wants to see. he is making sure it does not back up with mud or anything else.
open late to lure in black friday shoppers. rob roth is live now in oakland where protesters are hoping to disrupt the search for those holiday bargains. >> reporter: we were with the protesters when they went inside shouting their demands. the protest is part of the nationwide campaign to pressure wal-mart into paying workers more and providing better benefits. the noisy but peaceful demonstration caught shoppers offguard. >> i understand the cause so i respect it. i'm for it, so i hope they get exactly what they're asking for. >> reporter: bravo is a custodian at wal-mart. he says he lives paycheck to paycheck, earning 9.85 an hour. >> we deserve more and i believe wal-mart should pay us more. >> reporter: wal-mart says its turnover rate is lower than the national retail average and that their benefit plans are as good or better than their competitors. >> we are here to respect wal- mart employees. >> reporter: the protest is part of a buildup to a plan beginning thanksgiving night and through black friday. some employees say they will walk off the jobs. in the bay area, the wal-mart
masked men carrying guns tried to rob a jewelry store todayed. it happened just after 10:00 this morning. price say the would-be robbers walked into the store on king's road. the store clerk also had a gun and shots were fired. the click was not hurt, but it's unclear if either robber was hit. they got away without stealing any jewelry. >> a driver hit and killed a 14- year-old girl who was riding her bike this morning. the collision happened where the teenage girl was treated at the scene, and then taken to stanford hospital where she died from her injuries. police say the driver is cooperating. >>> the number of deadly crashes this holiday weekend increased, but dui arrests were down. 44 people were killed statewide, including 6 in the bay area between wednesday and sunday. that is 12 more deaths than last year. officials say nearly half of those people killed were not wearing seat belts. in the bay area, there were 237dui arrests, compared to 262 last year. >> pretrial motions and jury selection begins tomorrow for the murder trial of an east palo alto man accused of fatally shooting
, robbed and raped. tonight those accused attackers are behind bars. >> reporter: i'm scott broom at coffen state university in baltimore and neighbors say a pair of predators were stalking, raping and robbing victims including students off campus. they targeted the west baltimore neighborhood near koppen state university often targeting women at bus stops, forking them at gunpoint into a -- force them at gunpoint into a golded for explorer, then taking them -- gold ford explorer, then taking them away to be robbed and raped and dumping them off in parking lots. today police announced the arrests. >> the things they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> the young women were forced into the suv at gunpoint and driven to a nearby apartment complex where she was forced at gunpoint to perform several sex acts. >> reporter: scott broom, 9 news now. >>> he is the bus driver who fell asleep at the wheel on i- 95 in 7 and then crashed and killed four passengers. today a judge found kin yiu cheung guilty of involuntary manslaughter. that skyexpress bus was on i
this case and make it clear there were no politics involved. rob and paula? >> david petraeus still knows a lot about the benghazi attack. he was supposed to testify on thursday in front of the senate intelligence committee. will congress force him to testify? >> reporter: a lot of lawmakers are bringing up that issue, saying he needs to testify because he knows so much information about exactly what happened in benghazi. there are lots of calls about that. but we're unsure at this point what's going to happen. we know that the white house has said that the acting cia director, who is supposed to take his place, is more than qualified to handle that situation. paula? >> all right. thank you, preeti. >>> it is expected that president obama will be asked about the petraeus scandal during his news conference this afternoon, the first since his re-election. abc news will provide live coverage beginning at 1:30 this afternoon eastern time. >>> and it is not over. another top general is in trouble for less than ethical conduct. william kip ward has been demoted after allegedly spending thousand
to rob five people this morning on jefferson street and continued blocks away from the white house. investigators are pouring over three crime scenes. we have the latest from the crime scene. >> reporter: it happened before dawn. south of dupont circle. on 18th and jefferson. police say five people were robbed. money and cell phones taken. in an area populated with restaurants and bars. people who work the early shift here are surprised. >> it is a lot for the city. but this area is always okay. i mean there is always a lot of police around all the time because of the clubs. i don't know how someone would be bold enough to try to rob anybody at that time in the morning. >> police say they were last seen on 19th and k. before the area was busy this morning. at that time they sent out a tweet looking for several people in a white or silver lincoln. apparently, they were armed. >> at some point, some of the victims were leaving and the suspects were in a vehicle, and one of the suspects fired a shot at the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: the vehicle ended up here on history and madison
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